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How much do you use your phone?

As Mother's Day approaches, we’ve interviewed a 1000 women to find out how they spend their time on the phone. Our research shows that women spend an entire two months of their lives on the phone to their Mum. In a revealing infographic (see below), they lift to lid on just how much we rely on Mum for a chat, advice and a good gossip.

A massive one in ten call their Mum at least twice a day, whilst 75% of those surveyed said that they call their Mum before anyone else when they have good or bad news. 67% say that their Mum is the first person that they phone when they need advice, whilst a huge 80% say they often just call their Mum for a catch up.

Family issues are the main topic of conversation when speaking to Mum, closely followed by children, work, health issues and siblings. The research also shows that women call a friend, relative or work colleague an average of 14 times a week, with each conversation lasting an average of 15 minutes.

Unfortunately for Dads, it seems their daughters would rather speak to Mum on the phone. Dad is treated to only one phone call a week on average, which lasts a mere 7 minutes.