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Accessories by Sainsbury's

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Cases and screen protectors

Protect your phone from bumps and scratches with our good-looking cases and a choice of easy- to-apply screen protectors.


Stay powered up, wherever you happen to be, with our great selection of phone chargers for your home, car, or office.

In-car and hands-free

We’ve got everything you need to stay in touch on the move, whether you’re behind the wheel or simply want to go hands-free.

iPhone kit

Got an iPhone? Whether you’re looking for the latest cases, handy chargers or great new gadgets, we’ve got just what you need.

Memory cards

Boost your phone’s memory with a removable memory card – perfect for storing all your photos and music, and your favourite apps.

Mobile broadband

Be your very own Wi-Fi hotspot. Our mobile routers and dongles will help get you connected when you’re out and about.

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